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The first daffodils in my garden

Who’d have thought it, such a beautiful weekend of weather with warm spring sunshine and still only February. Last weekend I was wearing snow boots and several layers for our visit to a frosty Wisley and it felt we were still in the grip of winter. A week later and it was warm enough for just a t-shirt. Of course the vagaries of the British weather mean it could be snowing again by next week but the recent dose of sunshine has put a spring in my step and I’m feeling positive that we’ve turned a corner now.

Such great weather coinciding with a weekend and at this time of year is a rare thing so I jumped at the opportunity to get Wellyman’s help to cross some jobs off my ‘to do’ list. Of course things never run completely smoothly and on Thursday afternoon it felt like it was going to end up being one of those frustrating weekends where no matter how much you try you never actually get anywhere.

The newly edged garden path

A path in our front garden is edged with those half log rolls you can get from most garden centres. This was the most aesthetically pleasing option we could afford when we first moved here and seemed to fit with the idea of the cottagey style garden I wanted to create. Unfortunately, even though the logs are treated with a preservative they have only lasted 4 years before starting to rot. They were looking scruffy and they needed replacing before the plants start to grow so I knew I needed to do it soon. Last weekend we had measured up and purchased replacements and then on Thursday I discovered we’d bought the wrong size. This was, of course, after I’d started pulling the old ones out and generally created a bit of a mess. Fortunately, our local garden centre said that we could just pay the difference and get the other size but I was rather frustrated that I couldn’t see any progress for my effort and concerned that the sore elbow I’d had for a couple of days was now very painful.

Scroll forward 4 days and not only is our path now all neatly edged and looking tidy but we now have a new path at the allotment, where Wellyman removed the turf. We laid down some membrane and even found some piles of chipped bark by the side of a local road which we bagged up and then used to cover the path. On a roll, the compost bin was emptied and spread on the beds at the allotment. The fruit bushes were mulched with manure and the final patches of green manure were dug in. I even planted up some shallots.

Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign' now flowering in my garden

Back at home I cleaned out my shed. All those bits and pieces I had moved into the shed last autumn for protection over winter, such as my hosepipes and garden table and chairs were brought outside. We’ve used all the wood now so that has freed up some space, so that I can now actually walk into the shed. It had got to the point where I couldn’t get any further than the door. We even made a trip to the tip to get rid of some detritus that was lurking behind the shed.

I do have to say that I couldn’t have done half of this without Wellyman’s help this weekend. All this and he still managed to put in a great performance at his piano teacher’s soiree for her adult students, despite being worried his hands were too sore and blistered to play. My elbow was painful all weekend and after all the exertions we are both making groans and grunts when we get up off the sofa, well to be honest whenever we move. It was a very satisfying weekend despite the aches and pains and both the garden and plot look good for their early spring cleans.