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More seeds - flowers this time

When I heard the sound of the postman pushing a big, fat jiffy bag through the letter box the other day I knew my flower seeds had turned up. For the last 2 years I have grown flowers for cutting, the first year in small beds in my garden and then last year on a bigger scale on my newly acquired allotment.

I posted recently about my seed list dilemmas and putting in my vegetable seed order. Once I had these sorted out I turned my attentions to what flowers I want to grow this year and here is the list. Brace yourselves…

Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’ – I grew these last year. They are so cheerful, very productive and have an excellent vase life.

Sweet Pea ‘Mrs Colier’ – Sweet peas are one of my favourites. This is a white flower with a very strong fragrance.

Zinnias ‘Giant Purple’ and ‘Yellow’ – I grew a mix last year but didn’t like some of the colours so decided on 2 single varieties this year.

Daucus carota ‘Black Knight’ – An airy, elegant flower similar to Ammi but with beautiful plum coloured flowers. This is a new one for this year.

Ammi visnaga – A beefier version of Ammi majus and is loved by hoverflies

Dill – I grew this last year for it’s great zingy yellow flowers but I also love it’s fine leaves in cooking.

Aster chinensis ‘Matsumoto Blue’ and ‘Matsumoto Crimson’ – These are new for this year. I love asters and these annuals have a long vase life and good yields.

Antirrhinum ‘White Giant’ F1 – I have grown these taller snapdragons for the last 2 years. There spires look great in arrangements.

Echium ‘Blue Bedder’ – You need to sear the stems of this so that it lasts in a vase but when I read the bees and butterflies love it I had to give it a try.

Consolida dark blue and white – These larkspur are a new one for me.

Nigella double white – I grew a mixed Nigella seed last year and was disappointed. The colours were muddy and many of the flowers distorted so I thought I would give a single variety a try.

Orlaya grandiflora – Another new one, like an elegant cow parsley apparently.

These new seeds will join ones I have collected and left over seeds such as Cosmos ‘Candy Stripe’, 4 other varieties of Sweet peas, Gaura, Didiscus, Sunflower ‘Vanilla Ice’. I know what you’re thinking ‘that’s quite a lot, where is she going to put them all’ because that is exactly what I’m thinking. Maybe I did get a bit carried away. I’m definitely wondering how I’m going to grow them all from seed without a greenhouse but I did it last year. I just need to be organised !!!!

I bought all of my flower seeds from Sarah Raven. I like the specialist advice that she gives, using the experience from her own cutting garden. She trials everything that is in her catalogue and only the best go in. I find a lot of seed catalogues only sell mixed varieties which I don’t like. Invariably there are 2 or 3 colours in the mix I don’t like so the patch becomes less productive when there are a lot of flowers I don’t want to pick. I find Sarah Raven has a good selection of single varieties and flowers that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I can also recommend Plants of Distinction who have a great selection of single coloured Antirrhinums, Sweet peas and Zinnias. Kings are also good for Sweet peas.

So I’m all set now. I just need to be patient (easier said than done), only a couple more weeks and I can get sowing.