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Seeds Galore

So I finally got myself organised enough the other day to order my vegetable seeds. After lots of humming and hawing, I had to look this phrase up, I thought it was umming and arring and wasn’t sure how to spell it and then discovered it was actually humming and hawing. It’s amazing what you can find out just by writing a post. Anyway I digress. After lots of pondering over seed catalogues and plans of my allotment. I finally plumped for the following varieties:

Mangetout Pea Ezeta’s Krombek Blauwschokker which I’ve seen recommended by quite a few people including Jamie Oliver in his excellent Jamie at Home book

Peas Kelvedon Wonder and Greenshaft

Broad Bean Masterpiece Longpod

Borlotti Beans Lingua di Fuoco

Climbing French Bean Blauhilde

Cucumber Crystal Lemon an amazing looking yellow round fruit. I’ve heard it can be a bit difficult but I wanted to give something a bit different a try.

Beetroots Barbietola di Chioggia and Pablo

Celeriac Prinz

Chinese Broccoli KaiBroc like a tenderstem broccoli but because it is so fast growing you can crop from it after 9 weeks from sowing.

Spring Onion Summer Isle a Japanese bunching onion which apparently has a milder flavour

and finally 3 varieties of Lettuce, Freckles, Lobjoits and Rubens.

These are joined by the seeds I got at the Seedy Sunday at Holt Farm, Uchiki Kuri squash, dwarf french bean Yugoslavian Black Bean and Victorian Purple Podded peas.

I ordered my seed from More Veg. After posting about my seed choosing dilemmas I received a couple of comments recommending More Veg because they sell seeds in smaller quantities and as a result are cheaper. I had never come across them before but most people are left with seeds at the end of every season. One catalogue I was looking at was selling packets of 500 cabbage seeds. I really can’t imagine why anyone, unless you run a market garden, would want 500 cabbage seeds. More Veg’s website is really easy to use. I ordered my seeds on Tuesday and they arrived yesterday so I couldn’t complain about the service and each packet of seeds comes with good sowing and growing instructions and includes how to cook the vegetable which I think is a nice touch.

I just can’t wait to get growing now.

You can find More Veg at www.moreveg.co.uk