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When I have a moment, when I’m on a bus or in the car or trying to get to sleep at night I’ll dream about my ultimate garden. I hope this doesn’t sound annoying to those of you who don’t have a garden. For 8 years we moved around living in rented houses. We’d clocked up 7 moves in those 8 years when we finally settled in one place. So now that I do have my own space I know I’m very lucky. Its just this gardening thing … well its addictive. The more I read the more I want to grow. The more gardens I visit, the more ideas I get that won’t fit into my small back garden. So when I have a moment to spare I conjure up images of my dream garden.

I love the old bricks of this walled garden at Kentchurch near Hereford

My dream garden would have a walled section to it. After a year on my windswept allotment I’ve discovered how important shelter is for plants. I’ve always been drawn to walled gardens. I love the seclusion, like you’re cut off from the world outside and the beneficial microclimate that is created would be a dream. To be able to grow fruit trees trained against the walls. I could grow my favourite fruit – the cherry. There would be a lovely wooden greenhouse with a brick base. The walled garden would be full of vegetables, fruit and flowers for cutting. There would be a wooden bench in a slightly shady part of the walled garden so I could sit and have a cup of tea.

I'd like a sculpture like this one

Outside the walled garden I would like to be able to have a few trees, Birch, Prunus serrula for it’s beautiful bark, Liquidambar for its amazing autumn colour, a crab apple and a small hazel coppice that would be underplanted with spring flowers. I could use the hazel in the garden.

I love this brick path at Abbey Dore Garden near Hereford

I’d like a potting shed that was big enough to have a comfy seat in it. I’d like to see if I could get some electricity in the shed from solar power, so I could have the radio on and have a cup of tea in an eco-friendly way.

Piet Oudolf's Garden at Pensthorpe in Norfolk

I love the style of design and planting that Piet Oudolf uses. Broad drifts of plants such as grasses, Sedums and Rudbeckias which create a stunning effect. I have created a bit of an homage to Piet in my own garden but on a tiny scale, so to have the space to do something bigger would be a dream.

Pond at Holt Farm near Bristol

Encouraging wildlife into the garden would be important so I’d like there to be space for a pond, with a seat nearby so I could sit and watch the damselflies and dragonflies that would hopefully take up residence. My dream garden would also include an area for wildflowers.

Meadow with bee hives at Holt Farm near Bristol

I would love to hear about your dream garden. Would you have lots of topiary, is there a particular plant you would like the space to collect, maybe you love a particular garden designer and would like a garden inspired or even designed by them? Why not write a post and then link through to it from here? Happy daydreaming.