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Me and my wellies

Over at Garden Faerie’s Musings, Monica got to thinking what was the story behind blog names and so she has written a post encouraging people to share why they chose their blog name. I’ve loved reading about where people have taken their inspiration from, whether it be a book, a relative or the landscape around them.

So I thought I’d share with you why I became ‘wellywoman’. To answer Green Tapestry’s question about whether I have wellies permanently welded to my feet, no I don’t, although there are times here in Wales when I feel I should. There’s a reason why the countryside is so green, it does rain quite a lot.

I wanted to have wellies in my name because when I’m wearing them I’m doing something I love, whether that is working in my garden, tending the allotment or walking in the countryside. From mid March to mid October I’m probably in my wellies everyday. I used to garden in walking boots because they were so warm and comfy but they were such a pain to get off in a hurry, for example needing the toilet or to answer the phone without treading half the garden onto the kitchen floor. Invariably my jeans would get wet and muddy and I was also suffering from a lot of insect bits on my legs. And then one Christmas Wellyman got me some lovely green Hunters. Now I wouldn’t be without them.

I love going to the allotment in my scruffy jeans and wellies because it isn’t about your image and what you look like. Don’t get me wrong I like nice clothes and shoes but I am the sort of person that gets dressed up and then ladders my tights and leans against something ending up with a dirty mark on my dress or cuts my finger but doesn’t realise until I’ve left a trail of blood over my clothes. I was in awe of Joanna Lumley and the white trousers she wore for her travels around Greece for her recent TV programme. I think I’m more of a paint and mud splattered jeans and wellies kind of girl.

I was actually going to be ‘wellygirl’ but discovered someone from Wellington, New Zealand already had this name. Although they hadn’t posted on their blog for a long time which miffed me slightly. So that’s when ‘wellywoman’ came about. To be honest, I’m in my mid thirties now so ‘girl’ was probably stretching it a bit anyway.

So that’s the story behind ‘wellywoman’. I just want to say thanks to Garden Faerie for this great idea. Why not go over to her blog and share the story behind your name.