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Its the 5th December and less than 3 weeks to the Winter Solstice and I have a winter wonderland of colour still in my garden. Scotland and the north of England have experienced their first snowfalls of this winter and yet here in Wales we have had only the lightest of frosts. I thought I might make the most of the first dry spell we’ve had and go out and do some tidying up but when I went out and had a look I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The pretty cold wind might have had something to do with it but with plants such as Campanula, Helenium and Sedum still providing some interest I decided to leave everything for another day. So here’s some photos, they will probably be last flowers until Spring now.

Campanula still flowering December 5th 2011

The strange colour combinations on this Sedum are quite dramatic.

Amazing technicolour Sedum

My scented leaf pelargonium is still producing it’s tiny, delicate flowers. It won’t survive much longer outdoors but I have 6 cuttings of it on my window sill which I can plant up next year.

the last Pelargonium flowers

Purple flowers of this Salvia are still providing pollen for insects confused by the mild weather.

Salvia still flowering 5th December 2011

And finally, this Helenium started flowering at the beginning of July. These are its last flowers 5 months later.

The final Helenium flowers of the year

That wind is so cold ….bbbbrrrrrr, by the end of this week I might have a different sort of winter wonderland.