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November flowering Geranium

They said we’d have a frost on Tuesday. It was saying 4 degrees C when we got back from swimming at 9.30pm and it was a beautifully clear night. We were convinced that on Wednesday morning there would be the final act of winter decline in the garden. But no, there was no sign of a frost and there are still Verbenas flowering and Heleniums and Geraniums. It’s December next week. A part of me wants the frost to come to allow the garden its seasonal sleep. It’s just unnatural to have these plants flowering now. What will happen to them in the Spring? Will they have the energy to put on a show then or will they be too exhausted by this strange autumn we’ve had? A Spring without Primroses, well that would be unthinkable.

The other part of me however, the part that doesn’t really like Winter, wants this mild spell to last as long as possible. Cheaper heating bills, washing drying on the line and tasty lettuce growing on the allotment.

I love a snow covered scene, the chance to make a snowman and the beauty of a frost covered countryside. But the snow never stays looking crisp and even for very long, we rarely have enough snow (the past 2 winters being the exception) or the right snow to make a snowman and living in Wales there seems to be less frost covered countryside and more soggy foliage and muddy paths.

But the weather is one thing we can’t control, even though as gardeners we want to. So there is nothing else to do but wait and see what Mother Nature gives us. Who knows maybe I’ll still be picking stocks from the allotment at Christmas.

Having read this post I’ve realised it sounds a bit melancholic so to leave on a more cheerful note. I was reading through my gardening diary last night and was heartened by my entry on Tuesday 11th January 2011. It reads:’ I do get so excited when I see new life appearing in the garden. Snowdrops at the back are appearing and big fat hellebore buds. Scraped back some grit on the bulb pan and there’s a bud there too. So the baby irises should come up. Loads of buds on the Clematis. I don’t know why but I always worry the garden won’t actually regenerate in Spring. So I go around poking and pushing back the soil in the hope I will find signs of new life. I also found big fat Dicentras buds. Yey!’