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There are few places I’d rather be than my garden or allotment but just occasionally that relaxing day doesn’t turn out quite as I would have hoped…

  1. My foray into the border to plant up some forget-me-nots is curtailed by the neighbour’s cat that has used the newly mulched border as a litter tray. Fortunately wellies and gloves remain clean but I go off in search of a carrier bag to remove the offending item. Of course I can’t find any carrier bags because I’m helping to save the planet, so I eventually find a freezer bag….that will have to do.
  2. After planting up the forget-me-nots I return their pots to the shed. But the pots are all stacked quite precariously and adding any further pots results in an avalanche of plastic and half an hour of reconstruction into a hopefully more sturdy structure.
  3.  I eventually get round to the main job I had planned to do – potting on some seedlings but because my shed multi-tasks at this time of year as a log store I find myself sitting on the path outside the shed pricking out.   Unfortunately, I’m pretty clumsy anyway and whilst tidying up I knock over several pots and squish a couple of seedlings.
  4. I remember to water in the forget-me-nots and newly potted up seedlings (I have been known to get distracted and forget to water newly planted plants only to remember later that night so I end up watering in my pyjamas and wellies with a torch). I don’t, however remember that the hose pipe nozzle was damaged by the frost last winter and has developed little holes along one side of the nozzle. This results in an unusual, and always surprising, sideways squirting of water along the length of the nozzle before the user can get to twist the nozzle enough so that water actually comes out the front . Damp jeans (mmm…. lovely!) generally results. So what should have been a little bit of gentle pottering has taken 3 times longer than it should have done and I wouldn’t say I feel relaxed as I go off muttering about cats, hosepipes and needing a bigger shed. Fortunately days like these are rare, which is just as well really.