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I sowed some Stock ‘Brompton Mixed’ back in July. It’s a biennial so it should flower next April – June but would you believe it, its flowering now. The plants have grown well to form good sized plants and I was stood admiring them yesterday when I noticed flower buds and then not just buds but actually some flowers. It’s left me wondering what will happen next spring? Will they produce flowers or has this strange hot weather confused them and I won’t get anything next year?

Autumn flowering Hellebore !!

I’m used to seeing my Primroses producing a small show of flowers at this time of year but I’ve also discovered one of my Hellebores in bud, it shouldn’t be flowering until February, what is going on? I’m going to end up with the bizarre mix of Primroses and Hellebores in flower on my shady side of the garden, with Rudbeckias, Heleniums and Sedums in full bloom on the sunny side. Has anyone else got plants that shouldn’t be flowering in bloom now?