I inherited a strawberry patch with the allotment when I took it over in January. We got a surprisingly good crop considering they didn’t look the healthiest of plants. However, I decided to replace the oldest looking plants and in July I ordered some ‘misted tip’ strawberries from DT Brown.

I had read that you could get a good crop in the first year from misted tips, so I thought I would give it a try. Misted tips are runners that have yet to root, they are selected and then rooted and grown on quickly in a warm, misted environment to produce stocky plants with a good root system. If you get them into the ground before the end of August (flower initiation takes place in Autumn) then they will produce a good yield in their first year.

Apparently this method has been used by the commercial grower for a while. Well the little plants arrived in August, I planted them and all the rain we’ve had has helped to settle them. So now all I can do is wait till next summer and see whether it was worth it. Hopefully We’ll have lots more scrummy strawberries. Watch this space and I will report my findings