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The weather has been miserable for a couple of days now and there’s so much to do. Crucially it was wet at the weekend which meant I couldn’t get Wellyman to help me move some of my greenwaste bags at the allotment. The bags have got waste in them I don’t want to compost but I could do with them for my overflowing compost heaps. I’ve got so much material at the moment I don’t know where to put it.

It also meant Wellyman couldn’t chop up the free wood he brought home for the logburner so we’ve now got a huge piece of ash tree in the shed and 5 wooden pallets stacked up behind the shed. I like the idea of free wood but my shed already has to be a recycling centre and tool shed and I’m getting squeezed out of the shed, so much so I had to pot up my hardy annuals whilst sat on the floor outside the shed. Whenever I see Monty on Gardener’s World in his potting shed with his different compost mixes and tools all at hand I’m soooo envious. I know envy isn’t an attractive trait but it would be nice to be able to stand up whilst I’m sowing my seeds!!

Anyway I managed to get up to the plot and pull out some more plants that have gone over; the dwarf yellow beans that were so pretty and tasty, the courgette plants that have just gone on and on. Four plants was too much for 2 people and I did think at one point I would have to stop people in the street and give them courgettes because we had so many and even friends had had enough of them.

I also pulled out the sunflowers and removed the seed heads which I put in my coldframe to dry off and ripen. We’ll have lots of seeds to feed the birds this winter. So a productive couple of hours but its quite sad to be putting the plot to bed for the winter.