Well … maybe disaster is a bit of an exaggeration. The sweetcorn on our plot have been a victim of this cool, dull summer. The photo shows how the kernels haven’t swollen properly, some haven’t swollen at all. After reading several books, looking on the internet and some advice from my friends at ukveggardeners.com I discovered it was due to poor pollination. 

I had planted the sweetcorn in a block and tapped the male flowers when they had opened, all to aid pollination but it seems the weather plays its part as well. Sweetcorn love warmth and sunshine (don’t we all) and haven’t appreciated summer 2011.

Maybe its a waste of time trying to grow sweetcorn in Britain with our track record of summer weather. It’s the same with tomatoes, after 3 years of blighted tomatoes we gave up trying to grow them. It was soul-destroying after nurturing our plants for months for us to get no crop from them.

I know Wellyman will want to grow sweetcorn again but I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t try some cabbages. They don’t taste as good on the barbecue though!!!