We’ve been tucking into these gorgeous raspberries for a couple of weeks now. I just think they look so beautiful and they taste pretty amazing too.

I bought 10 canes of ‘Autumn Bliss’ and planted them at the allotment in February of this year. I knew we wouldn’t get much of a crop in the first year and then 3 of the canes died. Being an impatient person, not willing to wait a few years for a decent crop, even though 7 canes will probably provide us with sufficient fruit in a couple of years I wanted to fill the gap.

Then in mid-March on a visit to one of my favourite plant nurseries, Egglestone Hall near Barnard Castle in Co. Durham,  I found some raspberry plants already potted up and thriving. There was a variety called ‘Polka’ which the label said produced bigger fruit and higher yields than ‘Autumn Bliss’ so I bought 3. The label wasn’t lying and the fruits are very tasty with non of the acidity you get with shop bought raspberries. The crop we have had from the 3 ‘Polka’ plants has more than paid for all the raspberry plants. If anyone is thinking of planting some autumn fruiting raspberries this autumn I would definitely recommend ‘Polka’. Makes me wonder how much fruit we’d have if they were all ‘Polka’!!!!