I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the areas of my life where I wouldn’t be without my wellies.

The plot
The plot – paths under construction

This is my allotment. We became the proud owners of plot 11 in January this year after 3 years  of waiting. Its about 20 metres long and 6 metres wide. Its a very open site, which is great for the sunshine levels, not so great when the prevailing westerly wind whips through. The soil drains fairly well, which is useful being in a fairly wet part of the country. We were incredibly lucky in that the previous owners had been organic growers and the soil was in fairly good condition and it wasn’t knee deep in weeds.

The paths caused a few raised eyebrows (I think they are seen as a waste of growing space) but I wanted the plot to have some structure and I’m quite a clumsy gardener, I knew if I didn’t have wide enough paths I’d be trampling on seedlings, decapitating flowers etc.

We didn’t spend a lot – we got the wooden boards from a local timber yard (they were off cuts from the oak cladding of a local village hall) and the weed membrane from http://www.allplaz.com. The chipped bark was collected from piles left by the council after they had been cutting back trees.

The plot this summer

I think the paths have been a real triumph: they have cut down on weeding, I’m able to get the wheelbarrow down between the beds, I don’t need to stand on the beds so I don’t compact the soil and damage the structure of the soil and because they give the plot some structure, even after a 2 week holiday, the plot didn’t look a mess.